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About this course:

This is the first part of the SSTEW online training and is aimed at developing familiarity with the SSTEW Scale.

The training is organised into 7 separate parts: 6 modules which are pre-recorded and available online to suit participants. You can complete the modules at times convenient to you and you can revisit them for at least one year after registration.  

There is a also one-hour and a half live zoom meeting.  Sessions are run regularly and you can join a session which suits you best. Part one of the course is approximately seven hours in length, including activities you can complete in your own time.

It is possible to complete part-one of the course only, this is for people who intend to use it within their own setting for self-development and who do not wish to make any comparisons with anyone else or any other setting.

The course will be accompanied by a workbook and there will be a final certificate available on completion.

About SSTEW Online:

This course is designed to support people who wish to use the Sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Wellbeing (SSTEW) Scale for their own self-assessment, for audit/inspection and/or for research. It includes discussions of: the research on which it is based, what effective early years pedagogy, including relational and intentional pedagogy, consists of; strategies which support children’s learning; essential elements of child development knowledge which underlie the scale; as well as, discussing the technicalities of becoming familiar with and using the scale. The first part of the course supports familiarisation of and use of the scale, while the second considers reliability in rating. For research and audit purposes, you may wish to gain ‘gold standard’ status. While this course will provide the foundation for this, to achieve ‘gold standard’ you would need a small amount of additional training and assessment (Please contact Birth to Seven Matters).  

Please Note: The course and associated materials are for personal and setting/school-based use only.

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